Tuition & Scholarships

UMA Tuition for the 2015-2016 year:

Full Year Enrollment (by 9/29/15): $225
Fall Season only: $125
Winter/Spring Season only: $145 ($125 if you register by December 18)

Pro-rated pricing available for those joining us later in the season – contact for details.

UMA believes that quality music education is important in the social and musical development of children. We believe the emotional value of arts education is profound, creating lasting positive effects on everyone involved, especially on younger children. The monetary value of arts education is also very high. We praise you for valuing your child’s development enough to invest in them. Bravo for supporting their involvement in the arts!

Scholarships Available

UMA believes that a quality musical education should be available to every child regardless of socioeconomic status, family income or background. If your child would like to participate in UMA but the cost and/or transportation is prohibitive, please fill out the scholarship request form and we will do all we can to make involvement in choir possible for your child. Scholarships are granted on an as-needed basis, and transportation is available from select area schools. Contact for scholarship information. We want to make involvement in the arts possible for your family.

Tuition can be paid in cash or check to “United Lutheran Church.” UMA tuition cannot be refunded for those who do not fulfill their season commitment or otherwise.


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