Musician’s Handbook

United Music Academy Musician Handbook 2015-16

Musician Conduct

Membership in the United Music Academy allows for musical, social and personal development in profound ways that we believe are incredibly special. In UMA, we expect our singers to possess at all times:

  • A willingness to bring your best self to rehearsals and concerts.
  • A willingness to take responsibility for your actions, as they affect the whole group.
  • Respect for yourself, others, and the music we sing.
  • Commitment to UMA for the entire season for which enrolled

(Failure to carry yourself appropriately will result in a private meeting with the director, singer and parents and/or possible dismissal from UMA.)

Weekly Rehearsal

1) Rehearsals are interruption free moments where student creativity and ensemble are developed. In order to respect the rehearsal, everyone within the space is asked to refrain from using electronic devices, and talking out of turn. All rehearsals are “closed” to parents and public unless otherwise noted (there will be a number of “open rehearsals” so parents can learn about the important work we are doing, and they will be noted on the calendar).

2) Singers should arrive 10 minutes before rehearsals to use the restroom and prepare for rehearsal.

3) For each rehearsal singers should bring 1) a good attitude  2) their music folder (if in choir) 3) a pencil (choir) 4) a bottle of water. No food, candy, gum or other beverages are permitted in rehearsals. A small snack will be provided at rehearsal. If there are allergy concerns please be sure to note them on the registration form so we are aware. (Parents: Please see “Parent Involvement” to find out how you could support the work we do in rehearsal through providing a snack once a week.)


Sharing music in the form of a concert or presentation is part of the experience of being in a musical group. United Lutheran Church provides us with such a wonderful space to rehearse and perform, and also supports the UMA in many ways. We will sing at multiple worship services throughout the year, as well as present full concerts in United Lutheran Church (and in the future in other community locations). Concert dates will be provided in advance so all children can be a part of all concerts, as is the expectation.

Attendance Policy

1) SHOW UP: Choir is a group activity therefore the presence of each member of the group is crucial at every rehearsal and performance. The expectation is that every singer attend all rehearsals and performances. If this is not possible, our absence policy provides per season (Fall season and Winter/Spring season):

1 excused absence that must be arranged well in advance with conductor (previous family commitment, school performance, community event, etc.)

1 unexcused absences (illness, transportation challenge, last minute emergency, etc.)

***Beyond 2 absences per season (1 excused and 1 unexcused), the singer’s participation in concerts and other activities will be at the conductor’s discretion. Further absences could question the singer’s continuation in UMA.

2) BE ON TIME: Arrive 10 minutes early to all scheduled events. Parents are invited to drop-off and pick-up their child on time. Supervision is only provided 15 minutes before and after rehearsal.

3) DROP OFF & PICK UP LOCATION: Singers should be dropped off and picked up at the main United Lutheran Church entrance at 2230 Washington Street in Eugene. Upon drop off, parents are asked to wait until students are met by an UMA staff member at the door before leaving. UMA staff will not allow pick up by someone other than a parent/guardian unless previously notified by said parent/guardian.


It is the responsibility of the parents to provide the following uniform. Please plan ahead so all uniform items are ready well in advance of the first performance. If it is a challenge to locate uniform pieces, we can help provide chorister uniforms. Please let uniform coordinator Dru Winters (see contact info below) know at the latest by November 20th so we have ample time to find your child a uniform.


White long sleeve shirt (button up or turtle neck- only exception is short sleeve for Summer Concert)

Black pants or floor length black skirt

Black socks or tights

Black flat shoes (no high heels)

Hair pulled back; no makeup, perfume or jewelry


Each chorister will receive a black music folder along with sheet music at the beginning of the season. It is the responsibility of the singer to take good care of these materials, bring them to every rehearsal, write in them only with pencil, and return them at the end of the season in good condition. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fee to replace damaged or lost materials.


We would like everyone to have the opportunity to be a member of the UMA, regardless of family resources. If needed, transportation is provided to and from rehearsals every week. Designated UMA staff members will accompany two groups (one from Adams and the other from Chavéz Elementary Schools**) to and from rehearsal. In order to take advantage of this offer, the child’s parents must have signed the “Transportation Liability Waiver” giving permission for their child to be transported to and from rehearsal, as well as pick them up at the designated time/location after rehearsal. Dru Winters is our transportation coordinator.

**We may offer transport from other locations as well based on need. Ask if interested.


We are lucky to call such a nice space as United Lutheran Church home. Please treat all church facilities well and with care at all times. We want all choristers to feel safe both emotionally and physically at all times while in our care. If there is a way we could make the rehearsal space and the singer’s experience in UMA more safe at any time, please let the director know.

Diversity Policy

The United Music Academy is open to children and families of all backgrounds and gladly embraces diversity. While our repertoire will include sacred, world, and folk music, all are welcome to participate in the music program no matter their belief.  Presentations will be done during worship at United Lutheran Church, our sponsoring group, and at other community venues as well. As we learn from each other and our varied  backgrounds, we are all enriched and grow in our understanding of the wonderful breadth and depth of human existence.


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