Music Activities for Kids: Music, Mood, & Art

Incorporating music activities into your life at home can be a lot of fun for both you and your children. It can help develop your children’s musical abilities and their appreciation of music. Music can also be an effective teaching tool – we all know the ABC song, and I can still remember learning all the state names along with the song “50 Nifty United States,” in elementary school.

Here’s my pick this week for an easy music activity you can try at home.

Music, Mood, & Art:

This activity can vary based on the age and interests of your child. For very young children, you can just play music in the background and let your child draw or paint. Or scribble, in the case of my 3-year-old. For an older child, try picking two pieces of music that evoke contrasting moods. Like Bach’s spooky Toccata and Fugue in D minor  followed by his Ode to Joy, or two different movements from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Or choose music with words if your prefer – maybe from two different genres of music, like jazz and hip-hop.

Ask your child to create a drawing or painting that matches the music. It will be most fun to do this without giving any clues about what the music is supposed to be about. After she finishes her art pieces, you can ask her to tell you about them. Then go back and talk about the music together. Tell your child that composers and songwriters use music to tell a story, and talk about the story that’s being told in the pieces of music you listened to together.

Winter and fall, perhaps?

Winter and fall, perhaps?

Have you tried this activity at home with your child? What pieces of music did you choose? Let us know in the comments below.


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